Integrations and HR Outsourcing

Integrations and HR Outsourcing


HR Outsourcing

At Quality Counts, we are solution-driven.  We recognize that not all companies have the same HR needs; therefore, we offer custom-tailored process outsourcing for Human Resource and Corporate Safety teams.  We can offer E-Verify with a click of a button, managed FCRA Pre-Adverse Action and Adverse Action processes, customized adjudication of reports using your decision matrix, customized reporting and statistics generation in a daily, weekly, or monthly format, and human resources business process outsourcing. 


Case Study:

Quality Counts partnered with a multi-billion dollar logistics company to manage their driver record safety review process.  Each month, Quality Counts performed hundreds of MVR record searches and reviewed each result to measure compliance with the company's risk management matrix.  Quality Counts grouped the MVR results by region and location and delivered them to the company's internal file sharing system.  Quality Counts then compiled all results in moderate to severe risk categories and delivered with a standalone report to the appropriate risk management team.  

By outsourcing with Quality Counts, the company was able to scale their safety functions without having to add additional resources.  Quality Counts was also able to leverage their technology to outsource a labor-intensive process and reduce turnaround time by 6 business days.  


Applicant Management Center

Quality Counts's online platform includes an Applicant Management Center, which enables recuriters to invite applicants via email to complete all documentation related to their pre-employment screening.  The recruiter just enters the candidate's name and email address and the candidate handles the rest of the data entry and paperwork.  This eliminates the need to manually enter data, scan forms, and upload documents.  Within the Applicant Management Center, the recruiter can email candidates, make notes, and request drug and background screening.



For clients using applicant tracking systems and HRIS platforms, Quality Counts can integrate our platform with your software to seamlessly process orders for background and drug screening.  This leverages the data already available in your platform and eliminates the need to enter data a second time in ours.  This also allows your recruiters to order and receive results in the same platform where they perform their other duties, creating a more efficient workflow for your team.  While our platform has successfully integrated with dozens of others, we approach each integration as a new project designed each client's unique specifications. If we have not integrated with your current system, we will build out an integration as part of the onboarding process.


Case Study:

When one of our partners added an applicant tracking system to manage their onboarding process, we worked with their IT team to integrate our platform with their ATS.  Our client now uses their Applicant Tracking System to order and view results for thousands of background screens a year.  This eliminated the manual data entry process for new hire background checks and the saved the company hundreds of hours in processing time over the first year.  


Successful Integrations