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Quality Counts, Inc. recognizes that hiring a new employee is one of the most important responsibilities a Human Resource Professional has within a corporation. Hiring the right person can increase productivity, profit and increase employee retention within the company. Hiring the wrong person may increase a company’s risk of harassment claims, workplace violence incidents, theft, fraud and Worker’s Comp claims. It may also adversely affect the workforce and increase turnover.

Criminal History

County criminal searches to protect against workplace violence and employee theft. We perform searches of current records from local County Superior and Municipal courts.

Reference Check

Professional, Management and Executive and Personal Reference verification is critical in making an informed hiring selection.

Social Security Trace

Social Security Trace verifies a candidate’s valid Social Security Number.



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Our Service contract spells out our services to you. It does not obligate a client for any length of time or minimum purchase. We are a "no obligation" company.

We offer an extensive array of services and are willing to provide any service to our clients upon special request.

We tailor all service packages to meet the needs of each client. There is no need too small or too great.

We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. Our turnaround time for most services is less than 24 to 48 hours.

Quality Counts, Inc. offers volume, discount pricing to all clientele.

We take the worry out of hiring. We offer Adverse Action services and research and verify all information to ensure accuracy of reporting. We also handle all disputes of information.