QualityCounts is proud to offer many services to our clients for the entire hiring process. We tailor all service packages to meet the needs of each client. There is no need too small or too great.

Social Security Trace

A Social Security Trace verifies the validity of a candidate’s Social Security Number. If the number is valid, the trace will identify the year and state in which the number was issued.

National Criminal Database Scan

This search locates potential criminal records with its nationwide scope. A National Criminal Database Search draws from over 525 million records.

DMV/MVR Records

Quality Counts, Inc. believes motor vehicle information exposes important character traits. Crimes are not solely committed where we live and work.

OIG Search

The United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) excludes individuals listed in the Sanction database from working in Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal Health Care programs.

Sexual Offender Search

Currently, there are more than 386,000 registered sex offenders nationwide. Sexual offender registry searches are statewide searches of registered sex offender databases. Per Federal Law, all sexual offenders must register when they change residences.

Military Service Verification

Quality Counts, Inc. Research and Verification Department verifies the branch of service and current status of candidate.

Criminal History

Quality Counts, Inc. recommends criminal searches to protect against workplace violence, employee theft, and other problems that may arise. Criminal searches are available nationwide.

Federal Civil Records Search

Search of Federal Districts Courts for civil case records which alleged violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights.

Employment Verification

Previous Employment Verification is critical and recommended for all employees, as statistics reveal that up to 40% of applicants falsify this information to some degree.

Education Verification

Education verification is recommended for any position which requires a degree or academic credentials in order to hold the position.

Reference Check

Professional, Management, Executive, and Personal Reference checks are critical in making an informed hiring selection.

License Verification

Quality Counts, Inc. conducts professional license and certification verifications. Our reports reveal the validity of applicants’ professional licensure, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, current status and any disciplinary action.

Federal Court Record Search

Search of Federal District Courts and U.S. Federal District Courts for convictions of crimes that occurred on federal property and convictions of federal laws such as tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations and postal offenses.

Additional Services

SSN Verification

CBSV Verification


GSA Search


Patriot Scan

PSI Check

Department of Corrections Check